The main village of Valle Chico, it celebrates Corpus Christi and still preserves the mill and dairy. A privileged access point to the Alto de la Cañada, the main peak of Omaña at 2,154 metres high, it gives its name to the Sierra de Villabandín, which stretches from east to west from the port of La Magdalena to the reservoir of Los Barrios de Luna. This mountain range exemplifies the boundary between the Atlantic and Mediterranean worlds, making it a point of international biological interest for its wide variety of plant species.

One of the most admired pieces of historical-artistic heritage in the whole region is the altarpiece in the church of this town, whose construction dates back to the 17th century. Different scenes cover this altarpiece, such as The Flight into Egypt, the Resurrected Christ or Saint Anne carrying the still infant Virgin Mary in her arms, together with the image of Michael the Archangel, patron saint of this church.