We start from Fasgar, from a stone bridge with a signpost in the direction of «Campo de Santiago». After passing it, we turn right and climb up to the water tank and the antennas. From here, we follow a path that runs along the lower part of the large birch grove of La Guariza. We then take a branch to the right and find a post indicating the direction to «Campo de Santiago» and a yellow arrow painted on a stone on the ground, we follow the latter.

We begin the Cuesta de Ocidiello and, as we go along the left side of the Urdiales valley, the slope increases until we come to Las Fuentes.

We follow the path and arrive at Collado de Campo, where we find an explanatory panel and we can see, down in the valley, a hermitage, where every 25th July a pilgrimage is held in honour of the apostle St. James. At this pass we leave the path turning to the left and follow a faint path through heather.

Passing through open countryside, we cross a watercourse to reach the place where the ridge begins. Once here, we reach the Sesteadero del Buey and del Fraile until we reach the base of the peak of Arcos del Agua, from where we can see the lagoons of Los Llaos or Baucín.

From here, we reach the last slope, reaching a place with two metal tubes in the shape of an inverted «L». We continue on and reach two large milestones and turn left to start descending a steep slope until we reach Peña Cefera from where we can go down to the stream of Becebrín which takes us to Vegapujín.

We pass the village of Vegapujín on the left and next to it the houses further away, finding a panel with the path of the river Valle Gordo. We take the path to the left, which takes us from Vegapujín to Fasgar. This path goes all along the plain following the river, a practically flat route until we reach Fasgar again.



Murias de Paredes




Start and finish: 42° 48′ 34″ N, 6° 13′ 29″ W


Approximate duration: 7 h 30 min
Distance: 14’4 km
Type of route: Circular
Difficulty: High
Difference in altitude: 957 m
Maximum altitude: 2.063 m
Minimum altitude: 1.663 m



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