Distance: 10.8 kilometres

In the village take the first entrance and go down to the fountain. Shortly after we pass the Roman bridge and turn left where the path forks, take the path that will take us to the Llamatrieme crossroads, where there is a wooden cross. Take the path on the right which, according to the signs, will take you to La Mortera.

The river will accompany us on our right until we cross a stream over an iron bridge; when we reach the branch, we continue along the path on the left. We will continue the intense ascent and when we reach a new fork we will continue along the left fork and we will reach a crossroads, this time we will take the path to the right where we will begin an intense ascent until we reach the Cabaña de La Mortera where we will find a fountain.

From there we will begin a steeper climb towards the Suspirón. Shortly after, the path starts to descend and we will have to leave the path and start to climb following the stones. We will reach the summit soon after. We will return to the path and this time, we will descend along a loose stone path and then take the first path on the right to return to Barrio de la Puente.




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