Built in the late 17th or early 18th century, it is said that the Counts of Luna used La Casona de Murias as a stopover on their trips to Babia, where they spent long periods of time, especially in summer. After its transfer to the Town Council by the Carballo Foundation, the council undertook a unique restoration to convert the building into the Interpretation Centre of the Biosphere Reserve of the Valleys of Omaña and Luna. A reference for the whole region that today has become a living space to promote the development and knowledge of this territory.

This Baroque-style mansion-palace was built in stone and wood, with slate and stone masonry walls. The openings on the façade are lintelled, formed by

pink ashlar masonry, with some ornaments and mouldings. The original blinded openings and arches were opened by dismantling the masonry that filled the opening. The stone of the interior is the original one. As the restoration work was carried out, structures that had been flooded in their day were found. Also inside, the staircase is the original one, made of pink marble from the Montrondo quarry, and the carpentry has been made of wood, respecting the existing openings and their philosophy.

The building was also a Civil Guard barracks. On the outside, the two towers typical of these ancestral homes stand out, culminating in the Maltese cross, as well as the coats of arms of the Porras and Quiñones families flanking the main façade.



In addition to offering a rich cultural life, La Casona is now the starting point of a fantastic virtual and emotional journey that brings visitors closer to the history, culture and reality of Omaña Alta. The latest immersive virtual reality technologies have been used in its design to explain the natural, cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage.

In the first room you can immerse yourself in an audio-guided 360º virtual tour, with 360º panoramic photographs of the most significant places in the region and audio-guided content using storytelling, sound effects and music. In the second room, sit in one of the squares of the villages of Omaña Alta and enjoy one of the starry nights. Be moved by the history and experience the present of this millenary and ancestral territory.

The 3D sound will make your visit more immersive. Sit and listen to the sounds of forest animals, water, traditional activities and bells. Enter the Biosphere Reserve of the Omaña and Luna Valleys without leaving La Casona.

In its fourth room, a different narrative will move you. The story is told in first person, you hear it, you light up and you feel it. You are in a filandón of Omaña Alta.

But that’s not all, in La Casona you can learn about what rural schools were like in the last century and participate in multiple activities throughout the year: courses at the University of León, theatre or music days, or enjoy the temporary exhibitions that fill its imposing spaces. Come and experience Omaña, you won’t be disappointed.