We start in the village square of Fasgar, where we find an information panel with all the relevant information about the area. This route follows part of stage 17 of the Camino Olvidado to Santiago, and runs through meadows and forests of birch, serval, holly and oak trees, following the path in the direction of the Campo valley.

Cross a bridge that crosses towards the end of the village to reach the Santo Cristo Chapel. Here there are three panels with information about the glacial action that took place in the valley. Continue up the valley without deviating from the main track. After one kilometre, you will come to a path to the right that continues along the meadows at the bottom of the valley. We will continue along the main track, which starts to climb uphill to the left, along the side of the valley. Once we have walked another kilometre and a half uphill, we will reach the spring located in the Ocidiello spot.

This fountain has three spouts and is next to a water tank, and above it there is a poem that we can enjoy while we drink a sip of water.

To return to Fasgar, we go back the same way we came.




Murias de Paredes


Pedestrian and cycle tourism (MTB)


Approximate duration: 3 h 10 min
Distance: 5’2 km (Round trip)
Type of route: Linear
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 257 m
Maximum altitude: 1.575 m
Minimum altitude: 1.318 m



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