The route starts at the Puerto de La Magdalena, where we can leave the car without any problem.

We take the forest track heading northwest along the base of the mountain, with this route we can see the Fasgarón birch grove, and we begin to enter the valley that leads to the meadows of Fasgarón.

We continue along the track, entering the first steep slope, going deeper into the hill that separates the Fasgarón valley from the Vivero valley. Along this track we continue ascending until we reach the Mular estate.

From here, following the metal fence of the Mular estate, we start to descend towards the village of Salientes until we find a path that allows us to cross the fence.

Once again we ascend until we reach a flat stretch and a final slope up to Tambarón (2,099 m). We then continue straight on until we reach the Peñona and find a path on our left that will take us down to the Fuente del Cuadro near the Cabaña del Mular.

We will take the route that follows the Fuentes del Omaña route and go back towards Montrondo.

From Montrondo we follow the road to the beginning of the village and from there, less than a kilometre further on, we reach Murias de Paredes.

From Murias, we follow the road towards Villablino and once we have passed the Pharmacy we continue along this street until we enter a path that runs along Mount Cubichón (1516 m). We follow the path, along which we will find the Fuente del Bombo fountain, until we reach the Puerto de La Magdalena, where we left the car at the beginning.



Murias de Paredes


Pedestrian walkway with cycle touring sections (MTB)


Start and finish: 2°50′56″N 6°11′28″O


Approximate duration: 5 h 20 min
Distance: 21’50 km
Type of route: Circular
Difficulty: Medium
Difference in altitude: 840 m
Maximum altitude: 2.095 m
Minimum altitude: 1.255 m



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