Murias de Paredes

It is said that its name comes from the ancestral custom of delimiting meadows and lands with dry-laid slate walls, although it could also be related to the nearby mountain of El Cuvichón, located just above the village and where there could be remains of a pre-Roman settlement and work related to gold mining in Roman times. This is the Castro de Curuezas or El Cuvichón, where legend also has it that there is a chasm in which anyone who looks in can hear «a large pot full of gold nuggets boiling on a gush of gold».

Visit La Casona de Los Condes de Luna, former palace residence of the Quiñones de León and now restored Tourist Information Point, Interpretation Centre of the Biosphere Reserve of the Valleys of Omaña and Luna and dynamic cultural activity.

Admire its church and its spectacular bell tower with its cylindrical body and spiral staircase. Stroll along its arcades and go inside to contemplate the late Romanesque image of a virgin in its Baroque altarpiece.

Stroll towards the medieval bridge of «La Lechería», built with overlapping stones, and discover its mills, washhouse and horseshoe colt, elements that are still well preserved.
Nearby, in Puerto de La Magdalena, the medieval hermitage is another element of great architectural and scenic interest, although unfortunately it is now abandoned.