Starting in the town of Murias de Paredes, the route of Las Fuentes del Omaña, runs in a circular way along 17.2 km. The route starts in Murias and heads towards Montrondo. It continues through the village and continues through the valley, with a slight slope, until it reaches a birch tree with an explanatory panel.

Ascending the slopes of Tambarón to the head of the valley, you will find the source of the river Omaña and the Fuente del Miro Viejo.

Continuing along the path that runs parallel to the existing fence and following a series of hills, it will lead us through the valley of Fasgarón until we reach the pass of La Magdalena and its hermitage.

From here, following the old path of the pass, we can easily return to Murias de Paredes.

Along the route we can observe different elements of interest such as traditional architecture, medieval bridges and hermitages.

Birch forests, glacial valleys and river catches flood the landscape of the Las Fuentes del Omaña route, where the presence of protected species such as the brown bear or the capercaillie stands out.



Murias de Paredes


Pedestrian walkway with cycle touring sections (MTB)


Start and finish: 2°50′56″N 6°11′28″O


Circular route: Murias de Paredes (1250 m) – Montrondo (1300 m) – Montrondo Valley (1385 m) – Fuente del Cuadro (1530 m) – Finca del Molar (1605 m) – Arroyo del Tronco (1690 m) – Collada Los Negreros (1767 m) – Llano Verdasca (1753 m) – Manantial de las Llampas – Valle Fasgarón (1544 m) – Carretera La Magdalena Km 40 (1434 m) – Puerto La Magdalena (1438 m) – Fuente y arroyo del Cativo (1325 m) – Murias de Paredes (1250 m).

Length: 17.2 km
Difference in altitude going up: 700 m
Descent in altitude: 700 m
Maximum altitude: 1767 m
Minimum altitude: 1250 m
Time: 6h (hiking)
Difficulty: High



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