A small village in Omaña known for having found here the «idol of Rodicol», a unique piece in the world, which some historians consider to be a phallic monument, dated between 1800 and 2000 years before Christ, and for others a female deity. In any case, it is one of the archaeological gems that can be admired in the new archaeology room in the Fierro Building of the Leonese Institute of Culture.

Rodicol celebrates its Romería de la Seita every 25th March, a festivity that has now been moved to the third Saturday in August. The Virgin, a carving dating from the 12th century, is carried in procession to the hermitage of La Seita, located two kilometres from the village. Once in the field where this 15th century hermitage is located, mass is celebrated with the traditional singing of the bouquet and a picnic lunch.